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Our Team

Our goal at Pups'N Boots is to treat each rescue pup like members of our own families and to give each rescue so much love and care that they will never remember what it was like when they were abandoned in a box on the side of the road, or living on the streets.  We can't change the past, but we will do whatever we can to change their future.

Meet The Team


Dr. Jorge

Since 2016, our wonderful Dr Jorge AKA Dr J based out of Baja has been by our side since day one!  We are very blessed to have BajaPets on our team, saving our pups when they are sick, responding 24/7 because he has the biggest heart and really cares for our rescues.


Dr. Pena Jasso 

Dr Pena Jasso located in Ensenada is our "go to"  for our complicated cases, and ortho surgeries. Responding to our emergency needs, a true partner.


Kitzia Marlenne

"I rescue to see the spectacular change created by caring for the physical, emotional and health of each pup.  Never will a rescue pup suffer in the streets again."


Nancy Munoz

"I believe that every rescue has a story of courage.  I honor the pups and show them through my love and caring that humans can be kind. I am  committed to changing their path of their lives."


Lifetime Animal Care Center

We recommend Lifetime Animal Care Center to all our newly adopted families. They understand and respect the work of our Bajaj Vets and you may notice that they too have adopted from Pups'N Boots!!

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